Election Selfie

Our beliefs about institutions markup our identity. The answer to who are we is like browsing for images of stockless anchors: who am I?  We think socially. Our defeat sinks privately. Beneath the wave, digging, is a fluke of shame.

The Great Interval

  Stupidity is at the heart of dread you told me. We were curled up together in a culvert, post- election, and I felt young again because I was afraid. I could smoke anything right now, who’d blame me? When you said, “Hostility might be authentic, but it’s not honest,” I had no idea what … Continue reading The Great Interval

I of a Portrait

I find self-warmth frightening. * I find making others mad terrifying. * I find conflict nauseating. * I worry self-compassion is a hoax. * Looking back, no one soothed me. For example, someone could have said, Your voice didn't make that family vanish. You were only telling the truth, which was the right thing to … Continue reading I of a Portrait